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Music and The Collaborative Process

This space is being developed to share stories of my encounters with musicians and artists I have come to know and value as I have posted my own music on the internet and participated in various on-line music communities. Most of the artists will be people I have met on a site called In the past year or so, artists from SoundCloud have also joined in this exploration.

I hope to gather the stories as a collection of e-mails from the artists, as they reflect on their own experiences in music and art, and their learning through the collaborative process, co-creating with other artists.  I may be developing audio files for these if I can convince the recording artists to open their mics and share their stories and learning in spoken form ;)

​TW July 2018

* Click on the buttons below to view the text from each artist.

**The background photo is of my garden in the backyard at night, and the album photo is my cello bow hooked around the C string tuning peg, resting on the top by the F hole.

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