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Collaboration On mp3unsigned. com

by Ray Broookes

In the few years I have been a member of MP3U I have collaborated

several times with different members and it has always been an enjoyable experience. Interaction with other musicians and writers globally is a wonderful thing and also a learning experience, no matter what standard we think we aspire to. Personally speaking, I have managed to hone my arranging skills with various projects, in particular jazz-based songs that always seemed to be crying out for that 'Big Band Sound' from the 1940's. I do not profess to be expert in such arranging and to be honest, without the modern day digital

tools I would find such projects very long-winded and mid-boggling to arrange for several such transposing instruments. On the other side of the coin there have been occasions when I have 'recruited' other members to vocalize some of my own songs as my own vocal skills are quite dismal. I have always been pleased with the result and the efforts of my fellow members to present their best vocal tracks, whatever the genre.


MP3U is a free community based website, generally for hobbyists who have that creative streak musically but are not currently signed to any record label or publisher. Once joined, a member can post an original piece of music on which feedback will be provided by fellow members. Comments received are in the main, positive with occasional suggestions and also a voting system where the most popular tracks of any particular week are registered on a

virtual chart. If preferred, the comments section can be disabled for any or all of member's tracks. Also, each member enjoys their own profile page where they can post info, photos and of course their collection of music tracks.

In days of old, an unsigned. musician/writer would compose a piece of music and most likely few would get to hear the piece. In these internet days the world has shrunk and several websites offer the option of storing our songs for a small fee, if not for free as in the case of MP3U. This of course presents a large incentive to the writer to create more tracks, and more original music is flowing across the net. Gotta be a good thing!

Ray Brookes  - Sydney, Australia - August 2018

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