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"New Thinking

For A New Year"  Audio Messages

I have always been drawn to research and literature that explores self-esteem and the possibility that we are, to a large extent, the product of what we think about ourselves.

This collection of positive messages is the product of a lifetime of conversations, seminars, workshops, and personal research. All that I have tried to do is to distill the essence of a few ideas, craft an ambient backing track and record my voice in a conversational style that, I trust,  is easy to listen to and simple to understand. All of these messages have been recorded at my home, in my basement , in a small room affectionately called, my Hobbit Hole Studio.


 I wish to thank to my kids who have provided a lot of the equipment necessary to create this project, my wife and cousin who have enriched my awareness of ideas and helped shape the direction of my thinking, and to my friends  who have been a support throughout some challenging times.


Click on the tracks to listen to some positive thoughts developed for the New Year. I have tried to frame a dozen messages that would be encouraging and affirming - one per month.

 1. You're Not the Same Person (Heraclitus is worth a read as a starting point on discussions of change and flow)

2. What Difference Would Your Absence Make?

Our everyday-moments of meeting others, interacting with random people or regular interactions with family, all leave  a flavour or personal residue with those we meet.  That residue or flavour would be different without our unique input.

3. Silence

The quieter you become,
the more you are able to hear. -Zen  teaching


4. What Then?

Resilience - dusting yourself off after a fall and starting again.

5. The Energy Of Youth - an Homage to the students of Parkland

6. Discernment -  learning to navigate claims of truth from fact.

7. Seeing the Light -  Let your light (your qualities of goodness) shine to those around you.

8. Noise Gates - finding what you can control in order to reduce the clutter (background noise and distractions) in your life.

9. Successful Learning - Preparing for learning leads to success, but how?

10. Asking questions to show a genuine interest in the well-being of others

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