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The Wood Carver's Apprentice

This is a relatively new experience in learning for me. I had experimented,over the past few years, with bearded male figures known as wood sprites, using twigs and Dremmel tools. Recently, however, I have begun to take this art form a little more seriously and for the past several months I have been busy making Christmas gifts, created from a variety of pieces of scrap wood. A few examples appear on the right of this page.

I have take a lesson and enjoyed several conversations with Bill VanKoot, a local carver.  He has helped  stoke the fires of creativity and ignited my passion for carving. Of course there are the necessary tools to accompany this quest for expertise. Thank goodness for Christmas gifts and birthdays.

A house - warming gift for my good friends Michael and Heather (12 in x 8 in Maple )
A gift for my mother-in-law, pine board, shellac finish, 12 in x 6 in x 3/4 in)
Gifts for my kids and daughter-in-law - part of my Twig-men, 12-18 in x 3-4in, various woods and finishes.
the figure in my hand is a little hybrid idea of aNutcracker Prince/Pencil, used as a tree ornament for a gift formy grandson, Leo
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