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Jim and Terry Show image 1500 pix Jan 19
*January 2023 marks  the  start of  the  5th  year of the  Jim and Terry Show . How much talking can 2 retired guys do, and how much coffee was consumed in the previous 3 yrs?  How did we manage to safely podcast through a pandemic? Stay tuned and learn the answer to these  questions and many more mysteries! ; -)  Happy 2022 everyone!
Podcasts are now exclusively on YouTube. Click the link below and subscribe.

Also on YouTube  are a collection of audio podcasts featuring ideas explored in the book  that I am currently working on called, The Grace of Uncertainty. You can find the  podcasts here.

Two friends, who used to meet once a week for a chin-wag and a coffee, resorting to safe social distancing via skype  throughout much of the pandemic, now resuming our meetings in person!  
Sometimes we don't even share points of view. What we do share is a love of coffee and catching up on life, news, science, space, politics, and religion - all the stuff family and friends are supposed to avoid if you want to keep things peaceful. Heck, that's never stopped us!  2 guys with their coffee and a whole lot of opinions at the bottom of their mugs.



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