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The Jazz Collection

Vol 1

Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Andy Williams, Perry Como... and the list goes on of artists I have enjoyed growing up. I hope you came here to discover some crooner music. I think I may have been late to that Jazz/Swing party of yesteryear, but I sure enjoy singing along now.

Is it something that age brings out - that enjoyment of the calmer, slower, mellower side of life? Whatever the reason, I have been fortunate enough to have crossed musical paths with a few fabulous musicians: Master Peo, from Sweden, Ray Brookes, from Australia, and Phil Mc C from the UK. The tracks in this collection reflect their considerable talent and love of this style of music. Each of these artists can also be found on and other music hosting services.

Also appearing as a guest vocalist is Keith Allen (Kallen on

* the background photo is of my  Ensoniq EPS keyboard, and the album photo is of my modest Rode NT1A microphone

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