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A Few Thoughts  On Collaborations

by David J. Carter


Collaborations; if they were in your neighborhood you’d have already done it, right?  Internet collaborations are as new as the web, and their impact artistically is yet to be judged, we’re still in the moment.  Hosting sites like mp3u give an opportunity to make friendships across the world, I’ll never get the opportunity to meet the folks I’ve played with, but will never forget the pleasure they’ve given me.


That kind of universal tribalism aside, we’re talking about art here, creative expression that’s truly unique to just one.  Having a host of talented digital friends makes it all too easy to think of them as an assortment of session musicians, and on occasion they respond accordingly.  Faultless performances; but missing  Other occasions you have those friends interpreting your material, your idea brilliantly and you wonder why you play at all ...but it’s not you, is it?


Letting my digital friends have free reign with an idea of mine has given me hours of entertainment, and flattering as hell, I highly recommend it if you’re of a similar disposition.  It’s only been lately I’ve come to realize that what ultimately matters is what I do with that idea.

DJC August, 2018

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