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A Musical Collaboration Anyone?

by Kevin Gibbons


I think the first point that should be made about a collaboration is: Don't be hard and fast about the way you want a song to develop.


The reason for a collaboration is for your musical partners to be inspired by your ideas and for you to be inspired by theirs. If you're unwilling or unable to "let go" it might just mean a collaboration is not for you... And you won't feel the elation when someone adds a certain something that will take the song to another level, a place you would never thought of taking it.


So assuming you have a vague idea for a song, a chord progression that sounds nice or even a complete song that needs filling out, give the project away then to your collaborators, allow them to run with their ideas and see what happens. It doesn't mean you have to accept something really hate but before you dismiss anything, listen and I mean really listen to the idea and hear what the other was trying to achieve and chances are you will get the wake up call and "don't like" will become "Wow!"


Now you receive a partial idea from your collaborator. Hear what has been done up to this moment. It's not a good thing just blast away, playing or singing without listening to to the subtleties of what is already there. Say there are some nice piano notes quite low in the mix, whatever you add has to compliment, not obliterate them. Having consideration for the efforts of your co-writers is essential.


And basically, collaborating is just great fun! It will take you out of your musical comfort zone and make you think outside the box. It will improve your musical abilities, you'll work with and make friends with some very talented people, what could be better? 


Kevin Gibbons- Wales - August 2018

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