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  • Terry Wigmore

Stay the Fu*k Out Of Ukraine!

Wars are seldom about people, their history, traditions, languages, literature, art or faith. Wars are about leadership clinging desperately to dogmatic ideologies and beliefs. In this case, what seems to be at the root is the belief that Putin, alone, knows what is right, and that he alone can fix it (where have we heard that before?)

Putin and his cronies, are willing to consume the national resources of the military, the people, the economy, and political currency and standing in the global community, to accomplish personal goals.

Leadership is often propped up by supporters: fellow ideologues, and those who are simply self-interested recipients of rewards-for- loyalty that Putin offers, but it is often sustained through a cult-like worship of the leader

Self-determination seems to be the fundamental right of any democracy. The use of force to quash this expression of the will of the people, especially when it is taking root in an independent sovereign nation, seldom leads to anything beyond imposing a veneer of compliance, covering temporarily, a rage that will not be quiet. It will remain restless and seek its own release, as all empires have learned.

Give peace a chance. Suggestion: Let Alexei Nevalny out of prison. He is one who is worthy to sit at a table for a discussion with Zelensky. Let's see what can happen when leaders who really represent the will of their people sit down to talk.

Stay the Fu*k out of Ukraine? Too late for that advice, but not too late to pack up and leave. We can talk about paying for the damages after you vacate the premises.

and I offer this as the perspective required to make that change

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