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  • Terry Wigmore

Seeing the Light

May 15, 2018

We have this large diamond-shaped crystal sitting on a bench in the picture window of our home. The window has a south-facing exposure to the morning light so it catches a lot of light. The crystal's facets catch the light and bounces it, like a disco-ball of colours, along the walls and ceiling of the family room. It is always fun to twist the glass piece and watch the colours swirl around the room, and it is a reminder of so much more.

A lot has been written about the physical properties of light and I used to enjoy the discussions in my science classes as to whether light exhibited the properties of waves or particles or both. I have also enjoyed reading the discoveries of lenses and the the development of camera lenses that more or less accurately depict the human -eye (5omm).

My interest in photography is mirrored in my interest in science and philosophy. All of interests these come together in the enjoyment of the morning sunlight striking the crystal and refracting the light all over the room.

We wouldn't be aware of any of this marvelous prismatic ecstasy if the light didn't strike the ceiling and wall (or water droplets in the sky that create the rainbows we enjoy outdoors).

Apart from the visible spectrum, there is a vast array of invisible (to us) light frequencies. And if I could safely extend that awareness, I would suggest the possibility that perhaps human beings are much like crystals: Light becomes visible to us when we are given a light source - looking inward, looking at others, and observing Nature and the Universe Itself. People have an affinity for certain colours (our favourite colours), some believe that auras emanate from our bodies and that these colours can be perceived and interpreted as representative of our state of being and relative health, while others still simply enjoy the science and the mystery of Light (the dual nature of physical properties and the metaphysical possibilities much as with the discussions of light as a particle (a photon) or light as a wave length.

What is light? Particle or wave? Science or metaphysics? Sometimes, it is all simply a matter of how you choose to see the Light. Sometimes is is not a case of either this or that, but BOTH.


The morning light on the wall and ceiling of the living room as the sunlight passes through the prism exploding into these bursts of vibrant colour !

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