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  • Terry Wigmore

Discernment in a Post-Truth Age.

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

April 19, 2018

I have been following the Comey book release with interest, though I have not purchased it. For me, my interest is in the observable and marked differences between the two major figures in US politics at this time:' Trump and Comey. If there are two figures who represent the current divide in culture, values, and politics, in the US more, I don't know who those people might be.

Trump and Comey are the litmus test of what you believe about truth and how you discern real truth in a cloud of claims of truth. Trump surrogate Kellyanne Conway so tellingly gave it all away when she argued that Trump has "alternative facts." What? How can two claims of truth, polar opposite in direction, BOTH be true? They can't. So, we, the regular kind of average citizens are faced with the daunting task of discerning who is telling the truth, and what the truth really is.

How do we go about this task? I liken discernment to intuition - the internal guidance system we all posses to a greater or lesser extent. This "radar" or moral compass, can be developed and leaned on to help us through the journey in life. This awareness can also be damaged, twisted and bent all out of shape so that it is , in effect, no longer reliable as a guide the best choices or the better understanding of events and developments, not only in our personal lives, but in the broader context of community, region, country, and beyond.

To navigate our way through turbulent times, we need to be prepared to do some work, some self-work, and some leg work in terms of research, gathering points of view, validating the many claims of truth, and sifting through a world in which there are "57(,000+) channels and nothing (truth-worthy) on." - Springsteen (1992)

A starting point in all of this may be found in this article in Psychology Today . I have also developed an audio message exploring this idea. See Positive Message # - 6 Discernment.


I prefer the old ways of discovering ideas and knowledge: the libraries of published books. Somehow, the name of a publuisher and author lends an air of credibility to the information poresented in the book.

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