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  • Terry Wigmore


July 31, 2018

It is not my usual comfort zone, wandering around fairs and markets. However, once in a while, my wife successfully tows me along on an adventure or two.

This weekend we visited the local fair at Kawartha Settlers Village and this outing resulted in renewing a few older acquaintances at several of the tents, as well as being drawn to one new vendor's stand. It was a display of finely hand-crafted journals that caught my eyes and I slowly wandered out of earshot of my wife and over to inspect the journals.

I suppose it is because I love to write in my own collection of journals that my mind wandered as I looked at this vendor's work. There were so many themes, so many colours, and so many styles that I was absorbed.

I started a casual conversation with the vendor, and in no time it felt as though we were old friends. Cher Edwards seemed delighted to explain her craft and book binding techniques and after explaining a little about my interest in her journals and my belief in the value of journaling, both as an educator as well as in my own personal practice, I think she knew I was a supporter and fan of her work.

I managed to maneuver my wife closer and introduced her to Cher. It was an instant, palpable connection between us and the world of art and writing. My wife was drawn to a specific motif, an ancient fertility goddess image that Cher had emblazoned on a few of her journals, and my wife quickly settled on an earth-tone, clay-like colour. A sale! A Prize! That journal was used as soon as we returned home that day.

Attached below is a photo of the journal, with a turkey feather from one of the many hens that pass through our backyard. A quill, emblematic of all the writing and original thinking that will eventually fill Cher's journal and lead to another encounter and another sale in the not too distant future.

Cheers to Cher and her desire to create original covers for her journals, and gratitude for a chance meeting at a local fair :)


Cher Edwards can be reached at one of her sites below:

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