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I continue to experiment in form, texture and finishes. This piece is a free-standing figure (the section has a flat bottom and is balanced enough to simply sit on any flat surface).  I use the Jade planter in most of my photos to show the relative size of the carvings to the small pot and Jade plant.  I thought I would leave my morning coffee in the picture as well,  as an indicator of the natural morning sunlight coming into the basement. I try to keep the lighting consistent in the photos for an indication of detail, light and shadows, and colour.

I tried to tone down the stark white of the Birch bark by using a light natural stain. I had hoped by "natural" the label meant "clear". However, the yellow hue was almost too much, masking most of the natural Birch bark. The bark is still there, as indicated by the cutting lines at the top of the head and the wisps of the beard.

I did find that the emerging woodsprite needed a darker stain to pull it away from the yellow of the stained Birch. I added a Pecan stain to the mustache and beard and the "hair" at the top to give the figure some contrast.

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