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Para Lia - a GoFundMe project to produce a vinyl album

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

René & Cindy Methner have started an ambitious project, trying to raise money to produce their second album, "Gone With The Flow." I have had the joy of discovering Para Lia's music on SoundCloud, and I have gotten to know René as we exchanged many e-mails and messages over the past few years.

I was thrilled to be contacted by René to record a cello part for one of the tracks in this collection, a song called, "Fools."

As a musician myself, it is with much respect and admiration for all the effort I hear in the details of René's music that I know anyone joining in this GoFundMe project won't be disappointed. Let's help with the project! Every little bit counts.

*Rene has incentives too, rewards for various donation levels. You can check these out on his GoFundMe page here

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