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Musician to Musician - writing about what I hear in your music

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

I love the creative process in all the arts. I appreciate everyone who makes the effort to try to release the inner muse in whatever artistic medium they choose. The focus in this blog is on the process and product of creating music. It is a scary thing, trying to record music, not just because we are unsure of ourselves, our voices, our abilities and talents, but because musicians are exposing themselves to audiences (internet listeners or live performances) and making themselves vulnerable in the process.

Too often, that vulnerability means we are hyper sensitive and perceive a lot of criticism as personal attacks with the result that we are too often crushed by comments on songs that we upload to music hosting sites. I've been on the receiving end of a lot of that nonsense over the 8 years that I have been an active member of a few music sites. My strategy has always been to see the good in everything. My commenting style has always been to lead by example, to model what I hope are words and tone that I would like to receive in a comment on my own music. I try to demonstrate an awareness of and a general appreciation for what we all go through to get a song to the point where we are willing to take the risk of exposing ourselves in the public arena.

This is the motivation and overall goal of writing music reviews/blogs: to support and extol the good choices in the song - writing /recording process. I hope to write a few blogs/reviews as a simple demonstration of my writing style and the way I approach artists and their creative processes. The bands/artists I approach for this section of my website have participated in this project voluntarily, However, it is also possible that bands or artists may wish to be written about and featured here as part of the growing list of artists from SoundCloud and who appear here. Artists may write to me and we can determine a way forward. The "Donate" button that has been added is pointing to a future where bands may solicit my services for their own promotional needs. This blog has two types of participants:

1. Category One: I hope to feature one song/artist every few weeks, as time permits. I will start with artists I know fairly well and whose music and style I have come to enjoy, and I will be approaching them for inclusion in this project. Initially, this will all be done for free as a start-up project with a few willing participants.

2. Category Two: Bands and individual artists may approach me as part of their own promotional strategy. If this is the case, here are some considerations that will sketch out how I may help.

A) I hope to listen to an entire song (up to three) not 20 or 30 seconds. The artists supply mp3 files.

B). I plan to write about what I hear, the sounds, the transitions, the comings and goings of musical elements, and how the song impacts me, as a listener.

C). I intend to read whatever information is sent to me about the music. I read the sidebar notes on music pages on the internet, and I enjoy learning about the artist or performers, what they play, the instruments they use, even if it is all electronic or virtual instruments, their recording gear, and their approach to the process of recording (all in one take, with one mic, or multiple takes and layers from several musicians via e-mail exchanges and complex editing and assembling of files gathered from all over the world :) All of this data informs my listening. The more I know about you, the artist, and what you were trying to accomplish, and how you went about that creative process, the more details I can offer in return.

D). In the end, l will try to provide a 100 - 200 word comment that is more along the lines of "descriptive feedback"...this is what I heard (details of sounds) and this is how what you created affected me in terms of what it made me think and how it made me feel. All music is emotional, on some level, and knowing how our music affects others lets us know if we reached the target of our intention in that piece of music. I aim to offer that descriptive feedback to encourage and celebrate each musician's effort. Provide a link and I will include it.

* I hope that my podcasts, featuring my good friend Jim, who also happens to be a songwriter with a recent song featured on 100.3 radio, will use snippets of songs as we discuss what we like and enjoyed, or wondered about, in music that we feature there. From Blog, to Podcast, If you want to be part of this music review, contact me at the link below.

If you are interested in submitting a tune for a comment in this blog, let me know. Send along an e-mail using the contact information form on the site (at the end of the menu tabs)

Click "subscribe" to follow along. Provide a link to your song and send it along if you wish to see a descriptive comment about your music.

Comments about my comments? Or how what I have written was received by artists I have commented on (SoundCloud)

Para Lia: Thank you so much Terry for taking the time to listen! I value your detailed comments and huge complements very much! Really glad you like the Para Lia stuff!

Karlit-O-Kay: I am repeatedly very touched by your incredibly subtle and extremely differentiated feedback. You don't just click through the songs like most of them (I confess I do sometimes), but you really get involved with a song like "Eternal togetherness" with all your senses. That's really a great ability. Thank you very much for this extraordinarily beautiful feedback!

tbone711: I appreciate the detailed analysis Terry!

Edward Cortes: Thank you for your wonderful comment that is very perceptive. This recording is originally analog, it's almost 30 years old, it was made with a tape recorderTeac and a single stereo microphone Teac located almost 2 meters from my piano (a Welmar Grand English) and indeed in a room with high ceilings but not very small, your ear is incredible. Thank you very much.

CI Section: Thank you very much! I am very pleased about your detailed comment, this helps to keep up motivation

The Glen Granthem Band: appreciate the constructive review . It always helps to get a technical ear. Mixing is always a challenge for me cheers and thanks again

Slide To Oblivion: really awesome feedback! The point of the exercise was to showcase limited ideas on a rolling basis, so everything is is recorded fairly quickly on laptop and mixing judgement is according to that, which is not ideal. A few of the tracks I have managed to get access to an amp and have remixed the level, so my mixing quality is very patchy, like my playing. But as you say, it is a platform of ideas to build off. Thank you for your excellent appraisal

Mark Badinson: Thank you very much for your detailed and fascinating feed back, it is very much appreciated!

Aquacade: Thanks for taking the time to listen and make such an interesting comment - much appreciated.

Roxton Fone: Thank you Terry :) Once again for your wonderfully positive and detailed impressions. Your comment and others like it are what keep me making more music. Cheers!

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